The Need for (More) Speed: USB 3.2 is Coming

The USB Promoter Group recently announced the pending release of the USB 3.2 specification. While this is an incremental update, it turns out it is a very important one as it opens the door for multi-lane operation between USB 3.2 devices. What does this mean to you? Speeds of up to 20Gbps per second or the doubling of data capacity and speed of current USB Type-C™ cables.Read More »

A “C” of Change — USB Type-C is Coming to Your Devices

If you own a PC, smart phone, tablet, or nearly any electronic device requiring electronic communication or electrical charging, you are undoubtedly very familiar with USB type A and have likely dealt with the frustration of incorrectly orienting the connector when connecting the cable to a device. This all too familiar struggle is about to come to an end as a new USB connector takes aim to become the king of connectors.Read More »