Can Copper Keep Up or Will Fiber Rule the Future?

As technology trends continue to fuel the demand for higher speed and more bandwidth, computer networks and network infrastructure are more critical than ever before. Video conferencing, 4K video streaming and the Internet of Things are all fueling the demand for reliable high speed, high bandwidth networks.

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4K Explained

4K or *UHD (Ultra High Definition) is the term used by the professional video market to denote this higher resolution as used in film and TV production work. The image size in this case is 4096 pixels wide by 2160 lines, so it is slightly MORE than 4x the image size for HD.Read More »

Why Cables Matter

In the AV industry, the newest trend is always the best trend…And, the future seems to always be wireless HD technology – from Wireless HDMI then to 802.11AD, now.  For years the experts have been saying that everything will be wireless in the home, and we have seen that to a degree in 2016 – with cutting the cord, from a wired cable line coming into the house to bringing in Media and content over the network IE sling TV and PS Vue.  But, any integrator worth his salt will always choose a wired connection and infrastructure over a wireless one and today we will briefly talk about the advantages of doing that.

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