Welcome to Gary Kayye’s 2019 Krystal Ball – What Will Happen in AV in 2019

I love writing this annual predictions article. If you’re a regular reader, you already know this but for those that don’t, my Kayye’s Krystal Ball piece is an annual article where I not only tell you what I think is going to happen in the AV market for the upcoming year, but I also go back and review the previous year’s predictions. Sort of a scorecard of accuracy, if you will. And, 2019 is going to be an exciting year with A LOT of changes in the AV market so I hope you’ll read them all.

Author’s note: Kayye’s 2019 Krystal Ball Predictions was actually delivered as an Almo ProAV exclusive webinar in January. So, if you prefer to listen/watch instead of read, go here — it includes a slide deck along with a recording of Gary’s live delivery of the webinar.

First, let’s review my 2018 predictions and see how well I did:

SSD lighting will be more than 50 percent of the projector market: Got that one right. In fact, well over 80 percent of the projection market is either LED- or laser-based (or a hybrid thereof) now. The big advantage may be being overlooked, however. While you and your clients are focused on ‘no lamp replacements’ as the key development in the SSD (solid state device) lighting wave, there are really two other factors that matter more — colorimetry and uniformity. These two things are what’s delivering the stunning image quality and the ability to hit the plethora of HDR standards with regard to color quality.

See the rest of the article at http://www.ravepubs.com/welcome-gary-kayyes-2019-krystal-ball-will-happen-av-2019/

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